About AG Derwen 


Explainer of things, a weaver of words and a wanderer between the worlds. 


Poet, pilgrim, student of death, servant of grief and champion of the sacred.


Broken human, recovering addict, eternally dysfunctional survivor of trauma.


Lover of Oaks, rocks and rivers. Pure-hearted defender of humanity.


Keener, psychopomp, death doula, ceremonialist. Devotee of the sacred darkness. 


Strategist, specialist in public policy, consultant to progressive teams on systemic reform.


Community activist, anti-racism and decolonisation within. Atonement for ancestral healing.


Child free auntie of many, carer of elders. Dog and cat lover, rookie grower of food.


Non-binary free spirit, no gender, no religion. They believe in Love in all its forms.