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Coming soon! The details of the BOOK TOUR to celebrate the imminent publication of the third Lost Rites book "Ancestral Landscape";

AG Derwen will tour UK and Ireland in February 2024 combining the book tour with ceremony, lamenting the wellsprings of our collective grief. To join the mailing list sign up here.

ALSO! In partnership with The Practice Rooms www.thepracticerooms.co.uk Alexandra will be offering talks and workshops in the coming months. The first will be in BRISTOL in December and the details and sign up link are below.

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February 2024 will see a Book Tour with a difference as AG Derwen takes to the road around UK and Ireland to celebrate the publication of the Lost Rites Ancestral Landscape book and the completion of the Lost Rites trilogy. Combining a talk and workshop to facilitate rituals of lament at wellsprings of communal and ancestral grief around UK and Ireland. For all the details as they emerge join the mailing list here...

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Join the Earth Hospice Podcast / Gatherings / Seminars for only £6 per month. Gatherings take place locally either in North Wales or wherever Alexandra is on their travels and simultaneously the gatherings are also on Zoom; talks and seminars are recorded for you to listen back to at your leisure whether you attend the gathering or not. All recordings are found here on the Podcast page accessible when you sign up and register. A schedule of upcoming topics for the Gatherings is below. Once you sign up you will be sent the zoom link and you will have access via the Log In page to all recordings and resources. 

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